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Business coaching is nothing more, but certainly nothing less, than guiding entrepreneurs of any level.

Sometimes you just need a sparring partner. Someone who looks at your daily dilemmas through different glasses. Someone who helps you approach things differently. Someone who sees what yo cannot see.

Business coaching is suitable for everyone. For those who get stuck, but also for those who need a listening ear. Business coaching is always tailored for you

From A to B and beyond

You probably know where you stand in life, but where do you want to be in life? As a business coach I help you and will bring you from A to B and on. On your own you may be faster, but together we’ll really make a lot of progress. Nothing could be further from the truth, believe me.

In a sober and practical way, we get to work with the goal: to let you, your team and/or your company take the next step. You are going to develop yourself, you are growing and you are realizing.

We take on the issues and support you in making the necessary choices and choosing the right direction. Be careful, you will see that you can handle much more than you think.

Time 2 Thrive business coaching uses a practical approach based on years of experience both in business and as a discussion partner. Enabling someone to make optimal use of his or her talents and abilities is my passion. With a contemporary buzzword also called ’empowering’.

I listen to you, I give you your strength, I encourage you and I help you until you finally find the right path. The result? You will be aware of your own skills and will radiate them. This motivates yourself and others to go just one step further


Time 2 Thrive.
development, growth and move forward

All coaching programs are also offered in English.