Time 2 Thrive business coaching for entrepreneurs

What are the experiences of others? Read them here. #proud

Nicole coached both me and our team with a great sense of passion and feeling. Thanks to her business background, she quickly understands the team and the company she coaches. She shows you what the top prio’s are which are important for yourself as an entrepreneur, your team and also looks at your personal growth and the right balance in your work and private life.

She is compassionate, open, honest and sometimes with a loving kick under your ass, she sees where the difficulties are. She has an enormous amount of knowledge and is sincerely involved with the team and the company that she coaches. A business woman with a lot of valuable knowledge, experience, a big heart and a large network who she likes to use for her clients.

A coaching session with Nicole is clear, inspiring, effective and fun.

I would be happy to recommend her to you.
Melissa Slotemaker (Mooi the Agency)


Nicole has been the best investment I have made in myself in many years. Many people, just like me, know where his or her talents lie. Fantastic, but how do you transfer that to others and how do you ensure that it ultimately makes money? Nicole has taught this to me with all her practical experience and in understandable languages. So I would like to recommend everyone to learn at Nicole, if you want your talent to make money!
Paul Poort (&Poort)


Nicole and I are collaborating partners and together we provide training courses. Nicole is honest, open, goal-oriented, positive and sees people well when they do not live with their strength. Nicole connects with every human being, wish and question, whether it is mental, emotional, personal, business or relational.
Kim Oostendorp (Mindtrainers)


During a master class of Nicole this spring I was involved in a number of communication models that were strange to me until then. Nicole has managed this master class in a super way and has brought me a number of communication skills that I can apply very well in my daily practice as a manager.
Bram de Gunst (Belastingdienst)


I first met Nicole as a business coach. Nicole is friendly, professional and involved. By carefully listening and asking questions, she knows to find out what the real issue is. In this way, a concrete and effective opinion is given. In addition, Nicole as a person, Is a very pleasant person to work with and collaborate with. It gives you confidence and makes the world revolve around you!
Dieuxdonneé Denneman (RAI Amsterdam)


During a TOP-class in Austria, organized by Ifmec, I met Nicole. She was allowed to give one of the courses here. I have experienced how she created awareness with her enthusiasm, honesty, knowledge and experience. This awareness is not only at the professional level, but continues into the personal level. Sometimes confrontational and hard, but extremely instructive and certainly worth it!
Daisy Straathof (IFMEC)


During the training I followed Nicole, she explained in an enthusiastic and clear way how feelings and emotions work, that raising awareness of emotions is extremely valuable and how you can actively respond to emotional processes so that you experience more space and peace to achieve your goals, whether they are on a personal or professional level. Nicole opens up for discussion what many people only conceal as ‘a (nasty) feeling’. Your own feelings and emotions as school and compas. I was continuously on the edge of my chair. This is knowledge that everyone should possess!
Else Julietta Blom (Advocaat)


Very professional. Very personal. Very engaged. From our very first meeting I discovered that in front of me was somebody that wasn’t just interested in driving home her agenda, but interested in me. Coaching is not a ‘one-size-fits-all-job’. It is a skill that involves really understanding where a person is ‘coming from’ and knowing how to get them where they want to go. Thanks Nicole, for helping me do just that.
Anthony Roget (Stress relief coach)


Nicole is a very committed coach. With her enthusiasm and intuitive way of coaching which ensures that you get more out of yourself and more in your strength. I experienced her as a great coach, who has given me clear insights and new tools in an innovative way, both professionally and personally. Thank you Nicole.
Doet Bierma (Sunshine and Sausages)


Nicole, out of the box denker en vooral visie op both sides. Spaart je niet in haar eerlijke en recht door zee visie. Weet je altijd uit je denkpatroon te halen en motiveert je doelen te bereiken. Enorm klankbord, Mozart zou er jaloers op zijn! Dank voor je inzet en volharding. Je hebt me uit een dal gehaald die er helemaal niet was.
Maarten Morsman (Morsman Vastgoed)


Nicole is a coach par excellence. She brings an incredible set of tools and techniques, along with courage and compassion to help you achieve your biggest goals and face your toughest challenges. Working with her has been rocket fuel for both my businesses and my growth as a person. When you’re up against your greatest challenges, Nicole is the coach you want on your side. I have deep respect and gratitude for her work.
David Siedband (Lead Software Engineer)