Time 2 Thrive business coaching for entrepreneurs

Would you like to make your team like an oiled machine again? Ensuring that the team members communicate with each other again? That there is synergy in the department?

Time 2 Thrive gives various training courses and setups:

  • personal leadership
  • time management
  • female leadership
  • stress management
  • step out of negative patterns

We will work together, in a group context. This provides the ultimate way to gain insight into personal themes that are playing. By using proven effective exercises, each team member makes himself visible. This creates an energy field in a familiar environment that offers space and insight for the desired next step.

The great advantage of working in a team is that the constellations can be done with real representatives.

For those people who can value training and constellations:

For everyone who wants to develop both personally and professionally. For anyone who wants to grow and take the next step.

  • professionals who have to deal with an issue
  • managers or directors who want to develop their vision in practice
  • managers who lack energy in their team
  • entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to move on.